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Welcome to our new website and online registration system. We hope you like it.

The City of Dayton has given TVYSA rights to use Henderson Day Park and Sawmill Road Park for youth soccer activities. We want to thank the City of Dayton supporting soccer and TVYSA.


We would like to thank our sponsors. They help make the season possible.







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Trinity Valley Youth Soccer Association (TVYSA) is located in Dayton Texas. We provide recreational and travel soccer for the Texas Trinity Valley. We are associated with South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) and US Youth Soccer. TVYSA is dedicated to providing quality soccer to our youth.

Registration for the Fall 2012 season is CLOSED. Spring 2013 online registration will be opened soon. This is our new registration system which allows more flexibility and increased communication for you from TVYSA and all of our volunteers.  Register Now
Purchase all your soccer equipment now through our soccer.com storefront. Every purchase earns money for TVYSA.  Shop Now
We are always looking for volunteers and referees. If you are interested please register to volunteer. Volunteer Now
Coach courses are now available. If you coached last spring or before you will need your coaching license. See the list of courses here.

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If you have not heard from your coach by 2/25/13, you need to contact the comissioner of your age division.

If your child was born between 7/31/08 and 8/1/06, you need to contact Todd Puckett at 936.334.3309. U6 division.

If your child was born between 7/31/06 and 8/1/04, you need to contact Mike Mercer at 936.258.3646. U8 division.

If your child was born between 7/31/04 and 8/1/02, you need to contact Marlene Salgado at 832.407.0184. U10 division.

If your child was born between 7/31/02 and 8/1/00, you need to contact Kenneth Rash at 713.213.5537. U12 division.

If you child was born 7/31/00 or is older, you need to contact Marlene Salgado at 832.407.0184. U13+ division.

SPRING REGISTRATION will be held at the FLNB, Dayton financial center from 10am until 2pm each day on January 19th and 26th, as well as February 2nd and 9th. Online registration is also open at tvysa.net. If you have any questions, email us at trinityvalleyyouthsoccer@yahoo.com
TVYSA has scheduled team photos for Saturday, October 27. Times and pricing information will be posted shortly.

Parents and coaches. TVYSA will issue trophies as our end of the season awards. All coaches need to obtain the CLEAR and PROPER spelling of their player's names, as well as their team name and age division, and submit that information to your age group comissioner ASAP.
TVYSA monthly board meeting will be this Thursday, October 4, at the FLNB Dayton Financial Center at 7:00 pm

Referees are still needed for this fall season. If you are interested, email us at trinityvalleyyouthsoccer@yahoo .com

Uniforms are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Uniforms will be distributed either late tomorrow or on Thursday.

Schedules are posted. Go to tvysa.net, click on team central, and then click on posted schedules. Select your fall age bracket and print your schedule.

Here is a big list of updates for the Fall 2012 season.

1. Opening day will be Saturday, October 6.

2. Schedules are not complete at this time, but all teams should plan on playing October 6.

3. Uniforms are on the way. Comissioners will contact Dayton area teams for distribution. Liberty and Devers team uniforms will be distributed by Cody Abshier at the LISD admin building next week. PLEASE IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY YOUR COACH IF YOU HAVE A UNIFORM ISSUE. Coaches please contact your comissioners with any issues.

4. All teams are requested to have a $100 team sponsor. We have other sponsorship options available. Please email trinityvalleyyouthsoccer@yahoo.com for sponsorship information.

5. All players with outstanding balances on sign up fees are required to pay in full prior to obtaining uniform.

6. If you are interested in being a referee, there is a MANDATORY meeting on Monday, October 1 at 6 pm at Sawmill road park.

If you are a parent of a player who has not heard from a coach yet, you need to contact a comissioner.

If your child is born between 8/1/2006 and 7/31/2008, you need to contact the U6 comissioner Todd Puckett at 936.334.3309

If your child is born between 8/1/2004 and 7/31/2006, you need to contact the U8 comissioner Mike Mercer at 936.258.3646

If your child is born between 8/1/2002 and 7/31/2004, you need to call the U10 comissioner Marlene Salgado at 832.407.0184

If your child is born between 8/1/2000 and 7/31/2002, you need to contact the U12 comissioner Rylan Plummer at 281.642.7758

If your child is born between 8/1/1994 and 7/31/2000, you need to contact the U13+comissioner Marlene Salgado at 832.407.0184

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TVYSA has a new registration program that is easier and will enable everyone to communicate better throughout the season.

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